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Alikay Naturals Review - via Curlsunderstood

Alikay Naturals Review

First and foremost, long time no blog! Lol.
Soooo - Hey Loves!

Your girls back and ready to blog like she’s never blogged before.

Having taken a “teeny weeny” (LOL) break from blogging, I have during this time been embarking on my YouTube journey.
To think I began my blogging journey all the way back in 2009 – where has time gone please?
From Tumblr to Blogger and now back again – I just can’t quit!

So why am I back you ask?
Welllll - having decided to finally go natural (no more creamy crack for me y’all), and regularly being asked what products I use, tweeting and instagram’ing events I have the opportunity to attend and the blogger gals I’ve networked with, I have decided that I should really go back to what I loved doing all those years ago and document everything on my blog!

Anywho, the purpose of today’s post is to present my first ever product review! Hooray!

One of my new highlights and opportunities that have occurred since we last “spoke”, is that I am now a #CurlyAmbassador for Jand was asked if I would like to review some natural hair products. have partnered up with whom have provided myself and some of my fellow Curls (Girls) with products to review.

*Cue Oscar Award Speech Music Here!*
I never imagined there would be a time that I would have the chance to have access to the opportunities I have had thus far, and although small to some, I’m embracing ever moment.
That being said, I will only ever be honest with any products I am given the chance to review and if that hinders my opportunities then so be it.

One of my biggest peeves when reading reviews especially on hair and beauty (another of my passions!), when the blogger wants to appear “safe” when in actuality, doesn’t like what they were sent at all – like seriously, what was the point?
I couldn’t write or film about something that I didn’t love honestly – I’d be fraud-ing myself! Urgh.

Now that’s out the way, I can move onto the actual purpose of this post (lol).

So, I had no idea what products I was going to receive, let alone that they would be full sized! BONUS!
Now, before I continue, another pet hate of mine is when something you received comes in sloppy packaging – where no thought has gone into securing the items with sellotape and bubble wrap or polystyrene even.

I missed my package whilst I was at work, and usually people complain of the pain in the a** that they have had to endure to collect their package from the sorting office – but not me, mines across the road from my house! RESULT.

So I went to pick up my package and my signature was required (I loved that it had been sent like this as not only is it professional but could be tracked!).

I couldn’t wait to get home and open my package and test out my new products then and there.
Opening the box, I found two – FULL sized products, individually bubble wrapped and sealed in the cute Antidote Street Brown Box.
Both products were from the Alikay Naturals range.
The first product I took out and opened was the Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner (£10.99), followed by the Crème Brulee Curling Delight (13.99).

Of the two products, the leave in conditioner was my favourite.

Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner (£10.99) 7/10

As seen on the website, the product did what it said on the tin (in this case bottle), it was lightweight and a little went a long way.
I used the conditioner both after washing my hair and at night after applying water, a quick spritz of this and two strand twisting my locks.

I myself didn’t mind the smell of the product, as the product itself left my hair moisturised and soft.
If however, you don’t like products that have strong smells this may not be the one for you.
Also, I myself found the colour of the product to be interesting (as seen in the picture – it is bright yellow lol) – but again, this amused me rather than put me off.

In comparison to the conditioner, I attempted to use the Crème Brulee a few times but we were not always a match made in heaven.

Crème Brulee Curling Delight (13.99) 4/10

As specified on the website, the product will not leave your hair crunchy, sticky nor greasy and this was proven when I used it and bonus my hair didn’t clump together!!!

I used the product as advised, applying it to freshly washed hair and shingling it through.
The product went through and my hair detangled with ease.

The smell was a little too strong for me personally.
I found that when I washed my hair another time, adding coconut oil and a curl milk and then the brulee, the products didn’t mix well at all at first but I did find a solution that helped!

I dried my hands and massaged in the products, section by section and eventually the visible product disappeared.
Whilst damp my hair did feel hydrated but unfortunately for me, I found that my hair although elongated when using the brulee and conditioner after washing, wasn’t as moisturised as it had been whilst drying and was a tad dry, however, I refreshed my hair by spritzing with water and the leave in conditioner and this boosted my curls!

After receiving my products, I checked out the site and I have already mentally spent well over…well too damn much! Lol.
They have a fabulous selections of products available to us Curls in the UK.
I follow (as do you too I assume), many natural hair girls from the US and I internally tear at the amount of choice, variety and accessibility they to products in comparison to us British Curls.

I would highly recommend checking out Antidote Street’s site here and for more reviews and curly or natural hair care information be sure to check out Curls Understood here.

Thank you once again to Curlsunderstood for the opportunity and allowing me to create my first review.

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