About Cherri

Who is she?

So first things first, I guess it would make sense to start with the basics, my name. LMFAO.

My name is Monique, but everyone and their cat calls me by my nickname which was given to me by my talented other half, Cherri. lol.

I look, on a good day 18 max, however I am in actual fact 25 years young! (s/o Mum and Dad - you should see them. They both look young. Good genes!).

I am a shopaholic who refuses help and rehab! LMFAO.
No seriously, if you guys could see my room, it's bursting at the seams with all my clothes,shoes,bags and accessories. 
My Mr likes to tease me daily that there's a shortcut to Africa, just like Narnia, through all my stuff. (roars with laughter!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE piercings! At this moment in time I have 19 (and counting!) POW!

One of my favourites! (sidenote: I HEART Cherri accessories)

Pink Lady
I am a dye addict! I get bored with my hair and cannot stand when it grows so it's not a surprise when I go to the hairdressers and leave with my hair hacked off and dyed a maddd colour!
Cherri Head! - Just another day bored, so I do what I do best DYE!

Another of my loves' Music! - I cannot get enough of it! I've always got my pinkpod blasting out via my hello kitty doc and I honestly believe JayZ is my long lost Uncle! PMSL. All those that know me personally know me saying I heart the Jiggamans' an understatement! 

I can't get enough of youtube!!! (Stay tuned I will be Vlogging very soon! - I love watching boyfriend tag/proposal/wedding videos to name a few, and I am the Reality TV QUEEN! I'm the one that updates all my peeps on the latest reality shows scheduling and used to blame my addiction on my degree, (I recently graduated with a BA in Media and Culture), however, I was addicted way before. heehee.

I DID IT!!!!!!

hmmm...I guess that'll do for now.

Any questions feel free to leave me a comment :D

Cherri X

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