Monday, 17 September 2012

Please don't tell my boyfriend, but I've fallen in Love! - (revisited)

Another day, another purchase - Walk this way: Topshop Ava Boots.


Just took a min to browse my old blogspot blog and came across an old post I wrote >>>  "Please don't tell my boyfriend, but I've fallen in Love" in which I was making it known I wanted to cheat on my shoe collection with the latest boots i'd clapped my eyes on.

Well, I decided not to buy em. Fast forward 3years, I come across the gems again on my beloved eBay! - (I am the biggest eBay addict ever!!!).

To think I was willing to shell out £95 originally on these Topshop Ava beauts! 

Here they are!!! :D

Such a steal at £20!!! (Insert big toothy grin)

I'm TOO happy with them.

Brand new. never been worn. 

I CANNOT WAITTT to rock 'em!!!

I was like a kid at Xmas when they arrived!

Speaking of Xmas, I cannot wait for December to roll around either for once.

I'm not usually the one pumped for Xmas, but this year I'm really excited for it to come! and then NYE baby!

Anywho, thanks for checking out the blog dolls!!!

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Cherri X

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