Sunday, 16 September 2012

"Allow me to reintroduce myself..."

Hey hey hey...

I've decided to come back to good ole blogspot now blogger, having created an account a few years ago here back in 2010 and then deciding to blog on Tumblr of which I have done so continuously since July 2010.

Although I LOVE Tumblr, I have decided to blog here now also and see if I can continue to get the successful following that I have over there, here.

So...Who am I? LOL.

Check out my 'About' tab and you'll see! LOL
Back To Blonde

I have had so many fab experiences since I started blogging on my tumblr account and can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy it. 

I've had the opportunity to attend exclusive music and fashion related events and have had the chance to snap a few well known, familiar celebidee faces!

I am the first to hold my hands up and admit I have many addictions! - But all will be shown in time!

Feel free to comment, follow and if you're on twitter follow me there too @Cherrimocha

Take care for now,

Until next time,

Cherri X

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