Tuesday, 18 September 2012

"A girl can NEVER have too many shoes"

The quirkier the better! - Walk this way: Just a FEW of Cherri's faves!


So I've been asked a few times about my shoe collection, so what better way than to just show a few of my faves, ones that I could actually get too! LOL.

For those that have seen my collection with their own eyes, when i say I have A LOT of shoes alone, this is classified as an understatement!

In my room at the moment I have over 60 pairs of shoes, not including 6 big totes that have more contained in them and over 20 clear individual boxes. 

Addict much? 

*roars with laughter*


So, first things first, these babies. As soon as I saw them online, I didn't even hesitate to "add to bag" then "checkout". *Whispers* then I purchased them in the purple/black and bronze version too.

I have this habit of purchasing shoes that I fall in Love with in the other different versions if I can't make up my mind. (Office).
There's no harm in having two of the same, is there? LOL.
LOVE me a blocked heel +  uber love the side detailing,

These sexy beauts haven't even been worn out and about yet. They are mega high, which I loveee, but I just haven't bothered to "Bring em out, bring em out" (Jigga voice) yet. 
They're still a fave pair of mine! I WILL find somewhere to roc' em!

(River Island) - Grrrrrr!!!

Now these heels are a very important pair that I value a hell of a lot. These were brought for me and were one of my Christmas presents from my Mr a few years ago (he's got great taste). When I wear em I feel so good, and they really set a simple out orfffff! LOL. 

Treasured (Topshop) beauties.

Seeing this snap makes me want to pull these babies out and rock em the next time I have a night out. TOTALLY forgot I owned em. Seeing them again, I've fallen in love with them all over again. Last time I rocked these, to the recording of Beyonce's television special, I received countless compliments, which was great, and they are mega comfy!

Cut it out!!! (Matalan).

I remember seeing these online and thinking instantly these were made with me in mind. I don't own many black heels and the bright pink heel was what sold em to me! They are uber comfy and just add a splash of colour to spice up your outfit. I wore these to one of @Lookmagazine 's Look Shows to clash with my bleached Topshop Jamie jeans. Love em!

These shoes were made with me in mind. I'm sure of it. 

My Mum and Dad have so much style, that when my dad copped me these I was grinning from ear to ear! The heel detailing just makes them stand out that little bit more. I've worn these a few times, but River Islands sizes are a little annoying when it comes to buying their shoes. I'm a size 6 but this shoe style in a 6 just fit, and the 7 is too big, so I've had to invest in thick insoles. 

These were one of my birthday presents from last year from my Dad. My Mum and Dad are on point when it comes to style.
The heel detail - LOVE!!!

I adore tribal print and wedges are one of the most comfy style of heels I like to wear. And when they are both flung together into one shoe, they become mine! LOL.
These are mega cute and even though I've got skinny mini ankles, I was surprised that they fit perfectly and are secure around my ankle. Love the lil beaded extras too. Vamps it up a tad!

Tribal mad!!!

You can NEVER have TOO many shoes! End of. LOL.

Just a few! LOL.

And last but not least, my faves. These heels are everything to me. Platform, Check. Colourful, Check.
I saw these in a magazine, then tried to find them in store and they were all SOLD OUT! :(
Forgot about them, but then went shopping and randomly asked the sales assistant if they had them in even though I didn't see them on the shelves. She was like "Actually, one sec, I think we do." - and ta daahhhh...they had them. The last pair of size 6. Tried them on, went to the till, paid. In and out in less than 10 mins! LOL.

I Love You - PPQ

These were made with me in mind, I just know it. LOL.

So there you have it dolls, 

Just a few of my faves.

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Cherri X

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