Thursday, 27 September 2012

All that glitters isn't gold...

Prepping: The Big Weekend...

"OMG Cherri (lovestruck bbm face) what brand is that?" 

"How much?" 

"Where did you do 'em?" 

"They're so lush!!!!"

What am I talking about I hear you ask? Well...these were just some of the responses I had when I uploaded the pic of my latest acrylic nail choice...

The Brighter the Better!

The only downside to this polish is the fact that the coloured flecks are a little annoying if they are near the edge of your nail. 

Defo getting this "colour" again - my new fave?

HOWEVER - I have a "go to" nail varnish that without fail I always go back too, and has been for  too long now, "Cyan".
I CANNOT get enough of this colour. 
Whether I have acrylics, or my own nails I always revert back to my trusty Cyan. 
The way the colour just pops makes me smileee...


Whenever we do "experience" summer in London, or I'm off on holiday I have to draw for the neon polish. 
Call it "Ghetto" "Loud" or "Garish" - but I bloody LOVE it!! - Neon Pink baby!!!

Think what you like, I LOVE it!

I say these are my faves, but really and truly I just adore too many colours in general...

"What's next I hear you say?"

"Well, who knows" LOL.


Feel free to comment dolls!...