Sunday, 23 September 2012

The only time we don't speak is durin' Sex and the City...


Ain't it funny how time flies?
You blink and bammm! years have flown by!

The idea for this post came after watching Barack and Michelle's first dance at the inaugural neighborhood ball and each and everytime it has me beaming. I just love LOVE.

I have been blessed to have my partner,bestfriend and... looool rolled into one and look forward to creating more memories together.
We regularly joke about how life will be when we are old and grey and I have demanded a pink swarovski walking stick/wheelchair (which I will need first!) PMSL.

May be from a film (One of my faves might I add!), but I LOVE the message,
Every King needs his Queen.

No but seriously, with our own anniversary fast approaching and acknowledging the fact we are only getting older I can only hope that we continue on our current path and cannot wait for all the adventures yet to come.

Obama's been smooth from day 1. 

Love these two.

Girls, "The forehead kiss", need I say more?

Still doing it.

I adore this pic


Him and I.

Hot Chocolate.
Looool I look so damn pale next to him!

Here's to the next chapter...

Cherri X


  1. the pictures are so cute *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. maybe we can follow each other if you like :)) im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


    1. Awww thank u lovely!!!
      Glad you like :)
      Yeah most defo, I'll check out your blog now and will follow you back!


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