Wednesday, 19 September 2012

One of the best days of my life,thus far...

What happens next?


Can't believe it's nearly over. 

I feel like it was only yesterday I was celebrating NYE.

I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months though. 

This year has been a year that I can honestly say was a very trying one! - that's putting it lightly. Believe me.

I'm sure some of you reading this will be nodding along when you realise what i'm referring too - yep yep - 3rd Year of Uni!!! aka HELL!

Those that don't know me personally, won't know that I have and battle recurring illnesses over the last couple of years, scoliosis, (the base of my spine is curved - VERY painful, my back swells up on the left regularly), being just one of them, which has led me to fight my way to the end of completing University. Only God knows how many times I was on the edge wanting to give up and just call it a day.

But my support system wouldn't let me. 

  • My Mum's theory was simple. "Do your best Monique.Your best is good enough".
  • My Mr would re-read all my work, help me change it up where it needed that lil extra touch and would help me construct my plans for slaying each essay.
  • My friends had way more belief in me than I did myself, and would message me constantly checking I was doing my work and pushing me to keep going.

Stars, the lot of them.

With their help, I made it to the finish line.

When graduation day finally came I woke up that morning bright and early and felt excited and anxious.

I couldn't wait to see all my uni peeps since we'd finished.

I'll never forget my uni experience. 

It was one of the best times of my life that I will cherish forever.

I met people from different walks of life that I would never have met and ones I hope to keep and   have in my life from here onwards.

Me @Cherrimocha and my gorge media ladies @BunnyLove91 Ambs and  @Samira411


Me and My Sister @RoxiLee_

Me and one of my bestfriends Sarah

Me and my ladies

We had to do it! LOL

LOVE this one!

 The FIRST to do it in my fam!
Throw your ROCs Up!


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Love to you all.

Here's to the next chapter.

Cherri X

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