Saturday, 23 February 2013

#OOTD Happy Ever After - Wedding Day

Hey Loves,

So - having taken most of the say (and now evening lol) to recover from yesterdays adventures, I can finally upload a few snaps.

I had the pleasure of attending my sister in laws wedding yesterday and I have to say it was the best wedding I've ever been too.

The day started off at 8am!!! 
Had to get the lil ones ready and then we all headed off to the Brides home to get dressed.

When I saw the bride come down the aisle I choked up but we made a pact that we wouldn't cry! looool ( A damn hard task for me as I cry during Don't Tell the Bride! lmfao).

Snow threatened to make an appearance throughout the day, but held off thankfully.

My OH was looking especially dapper yest and I could not get enough of the wedding venue! 

Truly Beautiful!!!

Just want to wish the happy couple "congratulations" once again and here's to your happy ever after Abs and Joe!

Love you.


Pimpin ain't easy yall!

Up Close 


Gorge Flowers



First Dance

Gorge Bride. Congrats Mr and Mrs H.

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